When Life Interrupts: Finding Jesus in the Chaos

Rev. Bradley Swire   -  

Hey everyone,

You know how it goes – you plan your day, your week, your life, but then *bam!* – an interruption hits you out of nowhere. Sounds familiar, right? Well, I’ve been reflecting on this a lot, especially after diving into Mark 5:21-43. It’s a story about interruptions, about desperate measures, and most importantly, about finding Jesus in the chaos of our lives.

Let’s talk about Jairus for a second. Here’s a guy who had it all – respect, position, authority. But none of that mattered when his world came crashing down because his daughter was sick. He was a planner, like many of us, but his plans were suddenly irrelevant. He needed Jesus, and he needed Him now.

Then there’s this woman, plagued by an illness for 12 long years. Talk about a life interrupted! She had tried everything – from the logical to the downright bizarre (I mean, carrying an ostrich egg’s ashes? Really?). But nothing worked until she reached out to touch Jesus’ garment. In that one moment of faith, her life was transformed.

These stories hit close to home, don’t they? We’ve all had our Jairus moments, where desperation drives us to seek Jesus. Or times when, like the woman, we’ve exhausted all our options and all we have left is a shred of hope that reaching out to Christ will change everything.

But here’s the kicker – it’s not just about the interruptions or the desperation. It’s about how these moments bring us closer to Jesus. They strip away our pretenses, our plans, and our pride, leaving us with raw faith. And in that vulnerability, we find the beauty of Christ’s love and power.

I love how these stories show that Jesus doesn’t just acknowledge these interruptions; He embraces them. He doesn’t see them as nuisances but as opportunities to show His love and power. For the woman, her interruption led to healing. For Jairus, his interruption led to a demonstration of Jesus’ power over life and death.

So, what does this mean for us? First off, let’s stop seeing interruptions as the enemy. Instead, let’s view them as hidden opportunities to encounter Jesus in new and profound ways. Yes, they’re inconvenient, and yes, they can be downright scary. But they also remind us that we’re not in control – and that’s not a bad thing when we have Jesus by our side.

Remember, an interrupted life is not a ruined life. It’s a life that’s primed for a Jesus moment. It’s in these moments that our faith can shine brightest, where we can see the miracles that happen when we trust in Him.

So, next time life throws a curveball your way, take a deep breath and look for Jesus in the midst of it. You might just find that your interruption is a gateway to a deeper, more meaningful encounter with Christ.

Keep the faith,